Who We Are

North Shore Montessori is a school packed with motivated parents and seasoned Montessori professionals where all children, parents, caregivers, and staff are honored and respected. It is with this passion that we strive to expand Montessori education to more children and families.

Our Vision: 

To be the BEST place for a child to grow and learn, in a true Montessori environment. 

Our Mission: 

In 2013 under the initiative of our Head of School, a group of committed parents seeking to fill a need in the community founded North Shore Montessori School (NSMS), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to provide an independently funded, authentic Montessori education.

NSMS prepares the child for life in and out of our classroom with the means to develop self-control, self-direction and self-actualization.

NSMS inspires the child to:

  • Love learning throughout life. 

  • Follow their natural curiosity.

  • Recognize their unique talents and gifts.

  • Embrace their struggles and to develop the courage to accept difficult challenges.

  • Evaluate problems and select alternative solutions. 

  • Be motivated by the intrinsic rewards of learning over external rewards or punishments.

  • Think creatively and critically.

  • Have empathy for others, social ease and self-confidence.

  • Collaborate and cooperate in their environment.

  • Embrace civil duty and social responsibility to their family, school and the community.

The NSMS classrooms provide:
Strong academic foundation, through individual and small group instruction in language, math, history, geography, science, music, art, foreign languages and beyond, by adhering to classic Montessori standards.

Experiential learning through authentic AMI approved Montessori materials and supportive guidance from of our teachers.

A holistic environment that includes healthy physical living, environmental consciousness and appreciation of our world.

The culture to identify and manage emotions resulting in self-awareness, personal problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution.

Educational experiences in which the child is an active participant and contributes with individual views.

A place of unconditional respect, harmony and security.

21st century skills for jobs not yet created. 
The NSMS Community is:
Dedicated to cultural, ethnic, and economic diversity by appreciation and exposure to various traditions and life circumstances.

A sanctuary of intellectual freedom.

Supportive of families and caregivers through Parent School and other enrichment opportunities.
Not swayed by educational trends and fads but instead remains true to proven and internationally accepted AMI principles.

Committed to staff excellence by encouraging continuing education through workshops, seminars and observations.

Distinguished by its strong management team and a dedicated Board of Directors.

Committed to financial sustainability.

A beautiful and well-maintained campus.

A school that listens and gets better.

Parent Testimonials

“I am incredibly appreciative of what the boys have taken from their NSMS experience. I see those things as being kindness, leadership, ability to work in different groups, creativity, ability to problem solve, responsibility to the classroom/ teachers / other students, exploration, personal planning, and confidence in speaking up for themselves and their ideas. I am also appreciative of those long work periods that allowed them to love and invest in what they were learning.”
Parent of 5-year-old and 7-year-old

“I really love what you guys have in this classroom. I taught for six years admittedly with a very different population but our goals were the same: creating the type of experience where the kids enjoy their time now and are thankful for they’ve learned years from now. They are independent, but friendly and cooperative, focused, but not blocking out the people around them. Thank you for doing such a great job!”
Parent of 3-year-old

“I feel like she has flourished there. It’s the best school ever.”
Parent of 3-year-old

“I am writing to thank you for all you are doing for our daughter. When we first set out to find a school for her, I had three goals for her: to love learning, to persist in challenging tasks, and to know when she learned something. We chose North Shore Montessori because we believed the school and most importantly its teachers, would create an environment where this could happen. Most recently our daughter announced that she “loves school”. She also told us that even though she made mistakes, that was ok. And finally, she told me that she wasn’t ready to try something because she hadn’t finished learning her current lesson. Thank you for all that you do every day. Especially thank you for caring and knowing our daughter. We are so pleased with everything.”
Parent of 5-year-old

North Shore Montessori School supports and promotes REDgen, a community-based organization aiming to change the conversation, removing stigma, and redefining success for our youth. Recognizing everyone student is different, promoting better balance, and fostering resiliency in education aligns 100% with Montessori philosophy. 

REDgen Website


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