Who We Are

North Shore Montessori School is a community of parents and professionals convinced that Montessori is the only educational method that prepares children for the world we live in now and for the future they will inherit. This drives us to provide the optimal physical, mental and emotional environment for life-long learning where all children, parents, caregivers, and staff are honored and respected.

What makes NSMS unique among other Montessori schools?

  • We are recognized as an Association Montessori International (AMI) school, one of only a few in Wisconsin, serving ages 3-15. AMI was established by Dr. Maria Montessori to uphold the integrity of her authentic Montessori principles.

  • The addition of the Montessori Adolescent Program for grades 7-9 means youth can continue to benefit from Montessori philosophy into their high school years. Around the age of 12 (grade 7), children enter the third plane of development. Their focus shifts to the exploration of their place in society. North Shore Montessori School has committed to establishing and growing an adolescent program true to Dr. Montessori’s original vision for this age group.

  • AMI Certified Teachers – The most comprehensive training available.

  • Complete set of engaging, attractive, authentic Montessori materials encouraging exploration, inquiry, and movement

  • Self-paced, developmentally-based curriculum.

  • Daily three-hour block of uninterrupted work time, building discipline and concentration.

  • Mixed age groups and specified class sizes encourage cooperation and leadership skills.

  • Atmosphere of respect, courtesy and responsibility.

  • Daily Spanish integrated into the classroom. 

  • Art, music, and physical education accessible daily so children may spend time practicing, accelerating at their own pace.

  • A full breadth of summer programming, including Montessori classes and unique enrichment programs.

  • On-site wrap-around care: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., including school vacation days.

  • Daily pickup and drop-off right at your child’s classroom door. 

  • Opportunities for parents and caregivers to learn about Montessori, parenting techniques and child development through Parent School. 

  • Natural playscape and gardens with daily outdoor time and an emphasis on ecology. 

  • Optimal classroom environment with an abundance of natural light and open space.

Our Mission

In 2013 under the initiative of our Head of School, a group of committed parents seeking to fill a need in the community founded North Shore Montessori School (NSMS), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to providing an independently funded, authentic Montessori education. NSMS prepares the child for life in and out of our classroom with the means to develop self-control, self-direction and self-actualization.

Our Vision

To be the best place for a child to grow and learn, in a true Montessori environment.

Support Our School

As a private, nonprofit school, North Shore Montessori receives no public funding and relies fully on tuitions and donations. Our annual Spring Fling raises money toward program expansion and tuition assistance. Your contribution is tax deductible and appreciated greatly. Click the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page to proceed. Thank you!



North Shore Montessori School supports and promotes REDgen, a community-based organization aiming to change the conversation, removing stigma, and redefining success for our youth. Recognizing everyone student is different, promoting better balance, and fostering resiliency in education aligns 100% with Montessori philosophy.

To learn more about REDgen click here.


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