Our Team

Valuing lifelong learning is not just something we try to instill in the children, it is fully embedded in our staff. We are a team of professionals who are self reflective, passionate about children, and dedicated to improving the world one Montessori school at a time.


Nidhi Bhojak

Elementary, Grades 1-3

Ms. Nidhi was integral to the growth of the elementary program at the Montessori school where she taught for eight years in St. Louis, Missouri. She was the elementary directress for a combined lower/upper class, teaching grades 1-6 for five years. She then spent three years teaching grades 1-3.

Before attending the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee she completed a one-year course for nursery education in India. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in biology (botany) from the University of Rajasthan in India.

Having trained in Milwaukee for her Association Montessori International certification, she hoped one day to return to this area. Ms. Nidhi, her husband, and daughter now live in the Brookfield area.


Amanda Brown

Art Specialist

While parenting two Montessori children, cooking nutritious gourmet meals, knitting, sewing, and photography, Ms. Brown also manages to share her many talents with the children and staff of North Shore Montessori School.


Marilyn Frozē

Lead Primary Teacher

Ms. Frozē is one of Milwaukee’s most beloved Montessori teachers with over 30 years experience. We are proud to have Marilyn as lead of the Primary program. After completing her undergraduate degree in children’s theater from Carroll College she went on to earn her Association Montessori Internationale degree from the Midwest Montessori Institute, studying under well-known Montessori expert, Hildegard Solzbacher. Marilyn has two Montessori-educated children, and a much-loved dog, Mazie.

Ms. Frozē has designed a beautiful classroom complete with the full breath of Montessori materials. The classroom lends itself to the "prepared environment" where the children are drawn to the materials, and curious about their work. Marilyn loves singing with the children, reading to them in the outdoor classroom, and eating afternoon snack out on the school's veranda overlooking the pond and fields. She finds her work immensely rewarding.


Señor Ash Fuentes Morales

Spanish Cultures Specialist

Señor grew up in New York and then Milwaukee with both parents speaking Spanish. He is an artist and a dancer when not working at North Shore Montessori School. The children are drawn to Ash’s lessons because they often involve games and song. His patient approach with the children adds a warmth to the classroom everyone appreciates.


Sarah Moscicke

Elementary Teacher, Grades 4-6

Sarah’s first exposure to Montessori education was as North Shore Montessori School’s wrap-around care provider in 2014. Intrigued by the Montessori approach, Sarah returned to school in 2015 to earn her Association Montessori International (AMI) diploma in elementary education from the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, and a Masters in Education from Loyola University Maryland School of Education.

Sarah joined the elementary team in 2016. Her passion and overall demeanor are valuable traits in the Montessori classroom and help draw the children to the lessons. Ms. Moscicke is enjoying discovering each child’s unique gifts and interests as she tailors lessons to each child’s individual development.

Sarah is originally from the St. Louis area but graduated with an undergraduate degree in communications with a concentration in theater from Wheaton College in Illinois.



Kiki Williams

Elementary Assistant & Care Coordinator

Ms. Williams’ love and respect for the individual development of each child shows in all of her roles at North Shore Montessori School. Her past experience includes childcare and working with teens at various after-school programs. Kiki recently completed her BA in social work.


Señorita Ellen Poeschel

Spanish Cultures Specialist

Señorita P. grew up speaking both English and Spanish. Her mother is from Panama and her father is from Wisconsin. The cultural mix gives Ellen a unique perspective and energy which she brings to her lessons with the children. Señorita also has a passion for cooking and music, which she incorporates into her lessons. Ellen is also a Capitan in the U.S. Army Reserves.


Lindsay Osborne

Primary Assistant

Lindsay has extensive experience working in various educational settings. When she worked in a Montessori school as a substitute teacher in the Milwaukee Public School system she discovered her love for the Montessori method. Lindsay is excited to be completing her Association Montessori International training this year, and someday hopes to lead a classroom of her own.


Amanda Riley

Adolescent Program, Grades 7-9

Ms. Riley is an Association Montessori International (AMI) certified elementary teacher with experience as a Montessori classroom assistant, and lead teacher of both grades 1-3, and grades 1-6. She has a liberal arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, and a masters degree in education from Loyola College in Maryland.

Ms. Riley leads the Adolescent Program at North Shore Montessori School, following the students into their third plane of development, marked by a need for more independence, and exposure to the larger community where they seek to find their place, pursue interests and discover their talents.


Carleen Sook

Accountant & School Administration

Using her 20 years experience in numerous businesses, Carleen ensures North Shore Montessori School is run with the highest level of accuracy and integrity.


Sandy Stevens

School Administrator

Sandy brings years of administration experience coupled with previous work with special education students in the Tomahawk area. She has combined these two talents and has made herself an invaluable part of our school. You’ll see Sandy at the front desk doing everything from buzzing-in visitors to calculating spreadsheets. The children sense her genuine love for them as she walks them to their classroom, administers a Band-Aid, and in how she conducts herself in every aspect of her work.


Tracy Theisen

Head of School

Tracy worked as the school administrator and assistant to the director at a private Montessori school for five years. She was responsible for marketing communications, tours and enrollment, human resources, and many other operational aspects of running a school. Her past experience includes working at M&I Data Services and Northern Trust Bank. She holds a BS in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Master of Business Administration degree from Keller Graduate School. Tracy and her husband are parents to two children who attended Montessori school.


Betsy Vielgut

Primary Teacher

Betsy’s educational background consists of an Association Montessori Internationale diploma in Primary and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota. She has five years kindergarten public school teaching experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When Betsy returned to Wisconsin, to be closer to family, she worked as a Montessori assistant for two years. The Montessori method changed her philosophy of education and she began training through the Montessori Institute of Milwaukee.

Ms. Vielgut has been a lead Montessori teacher for two years and has loved educating through this method. She has been amazed in her students’ academic and social growth. Betsy says she would never return to a traditional style of education after being a Montessori directress.


Erin Zea

Primary Assistant

Erin’s childhood educational experience left her wondering if she could make positive contributions toward change as an adult. Her long-term goal is to be a superintendent of a school district. In preparation she is earning her masters degree in business administration while working as a classroom assistant at North Shore Montessori School.



North Shore Montessori School, Inc.

Left to Right: Tyra Baumler, Tracy Theisen, Tamalyn Powell, Pat Matusiak, Arleen More O'Ferrall, Rachel Upton, Alejandra Siddalingaiah and Peter Fischer

Tyra Baumler

Graphic Designer and Business Owner

Tyra earned her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Drake University and went on to work as an Art Director at M&I Bank in Milwaukee. Tyra then started Tessera Design in 1999 where she specializes in communications, design, and marketing. She has extensive entrepreneurial knowledge and communications experience.

Peter Fischer

CPA, Advisor to the Board

Peter Fischer is a Graduate of The University of Notre Dame. He has held many professional positions such as President and CEO of Medalist Industries Inc., an owning partner and chief financial advisor for Allen Edmonds Shoe Cop. and manager at Arthur Andersen & Co. in the consulting division. Peter has also served on numerous midwestern corporate boards including Investors Bank, Allen Edmonds Shoe Cop., Middleton Doll Co., First Bank, and Gehl, as well as several non-profit boards. He was a board member of Ozaukee Christian School and was the organizer and long-term board member of another successful non-profit Christian organization in the Milwaukee area. Later in his life Peter Fischer became an ordained minister. He is an expert in the area of finance and in building strong small businesses, and is eager to bring his vast experience to North Shore Montessori School. He has a personal passion for and appreciation for Montessori education through watching his 7 grandchildren, who have attended Montessori Schools across the country, and seeing their success.

Pat Matusiak, JD

Pat has a masters degree in educational psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and worked for a time in vocational rehabilitation. While raising her son, Pat went on to earn her law degree from Marquette University Law School. She is currently retired from the practice of law, but is an active volunteer in several organizations. Pat and her husband have seen first-hand the benefits of Montessori education in their son who has had a successful career including working as a special advisor to the President of the United States.

Arleen More O’Ferrall

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, Nurse Practitioner

Arleen attended Ursuline College and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She then worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore achieving a subspecialty certification in critical care nursing. After moving to Milwaukee with her husband, Arleen earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is currently employed as a nurse practitioner in a private medical practice. Her roles include advising, mentoring and supervising staff. Arleen has vast experience as the mother of four children educated in the Montessori method. Arleen has actively run and participated in many school educational seminars, fundraising activities, and community participation events. She has been a parent on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at another Montessori school with leadership roles.

Tamalyn Powell

Senior Vice President at BVK Advertising

Tam is currently Senior Vice President and Group Account Director at BVK. She joined BVK in 1997 after nearly 10 years at Columbia St. Mary’s as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the four-hospital system in Milwaukee. She also served as the media spokesperson and developed the hospital’s crisis communication plan. In her current position, Tam’s responsibilities have included all aspects of marketing communications planning and strategies for multiple healthcare systems as well as for several colleges/universities across the United States. Tam has served on the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Health Care Public Relations and Marketing Society (WHPRMS), most recently as past president. She has been the keynote at a WHPRMS district conference and a presenter at the annual conference for the American Society for Health Care Marketing and Public Relations and a break-out presenter at the Forum for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy. She is currently the Board President of Serve Marketing, a pro-bono marketing communications company dedicated solely to assisting non-profit organizations that benefit the community.

Alejandra Siddalingaiah, MD

Alejandra Siddalingaiah is originally from Colombia. She graduated from medical school in 1996 and worked for the Colombian government providing health services for the indigenous population of the Amazonian Rainforest in Colombia. In 2003 she completed her internal medicine residency at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in New York and worked at New York University for the department of Endocrinology in research. She has lived in the Milwaukee area for 10 years is the mother of two children.

Tracy Theisen, BS, MBA

Tracy worked as the school administrator and assistant to the director at a private Montessori school for five years. She was responsible for marketing communications, tours and enrollment, employee benefits, and many other operational aspects of running a school. Her past experience includes working at M&I Data Services and Northern Trust Bank. She holds a BS in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Master of Business Administration degree from Keller Graduate School. Tracy and her husband are parents to two children who attended Montessori school.

Rachel Upton
, BA, M.Div.

Rachel has been a Montessori advocate since her first of four children started school in 2004. She was an integral part of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at another Montessori school and contributed to the success of several fundraising events and parent participation groups. She graduated from Milwaukee Lutheran High School in 1993, (1997) BA in Biblical Studies (Psychology minor) from Evangel University in Springfield, Mo. (2000) M.Div. in Theology from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Together with her husband Jason began a nonprofit called Key of David Min., Inc in 2000, which is still running strong today.

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