Parent Testimonials

“I am incredibly appreciative of what the boys have taken from their NSMS experience. I see those things as being kindness, leadership, ability to work in different groups, creativity, ability to problem solve, responsibility to the classroom/ teachers / other students, exploration, personal planning, and confidence in speaking up for themselves and their ideas. I am also appreciative of those long work periods that allowed them to love and invest in what they were learning.”

Parent of 5-year-old and 7-year-old

“I really love what you guys have in this classroom. I taught for six years admittedly with a very different population but our goals were the same: creating the type of experience where the kids enjoy their time now and are thankful for they’ve learned years from now. They are independent, but friendly and cooperative, focused, but not blocking out the people around them. Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Parent of 3-year-old

“I feel like she has flourished here. It’s the best school ever.”

Parent of 3-year-old

“I am writing to thank you for all you are doing for our daughter. When we first set out to find a school for her, I had three goals for her: to love learning, to persist in challenging tasks, and to know when she learned something. We chose North Shore Montessori because we believed the school and most importantly its teachers, would create an environment where this could happen. Most recently our daughter announced that she “loves school”. She also told us that even though she made mistakes, that was ok. And finally, she told me that she wasn’t ready to try something because she hadn’t finished learning her current lesson. Thank you for all that you do every day. Especially thank you for caring and knowing our daughter. We are so pleased with everything.”

Parent of 5-year-old

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